Classes are determined by the interests and abilities of the current co-op members so it varies widely by semester. While our stated purpose is to provide enrichment, interest-based activities to students, that occasionally includes academic subjects, but academics is not the focus of our group. Register early to be part of the class decision making process. Once the schedule is released, students may sign up for classes. A typical Thursday schedule is:

12:30 Gather for lunch and social time
12:45 Help Set up for Classes
1:10 – 2:00 1st Class
2:00-3:00 2nd Class
3:00- 4:00: Clean up and social time

Our classes are held in two five week sessions.  Typically a student will take two classes per session for a total of four classes.  Occasionally a class may run for ten weeks or other options.  Here are some examples of past classes:

Spring 2020 Session A
Creating with Duct Tape
Sock Market Challenge
Adulting 101
Jump Rope
Pipe Cleaner Animals
Cooking Fun
Make Your Own Play
Smash Brothers Tournament
How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes
Board Games Galore
Kids RPG
Minute to Win It
Coop Newspaper
Weather Wonders

Fall 2019 Session A
Alphabet Fun
Magic Tree House Book Club
About Service Dogs
Mock Trial-Criminal Case
Jewelry Making
Welcome to Hogwarts
Outdoor Survival Skills
Beginning Crochet
Entrepreneur Fair
Minecraft Club
Escape Room Challenge
Cupcake Decorating
Dungeon & Dragons
Nerf Battle
Outdoor Games

Fall 2019 Session B
NaNoWriMo Club
Intro to Improv
Snakes 101
Magic Coin & Card Tricks
Candle Making
Percussion Fun
Draw Paint Print Like Artists
Speech & Debate
Minecraft Club
Cooking Creativity
Adulting 101
Socceer Fun
Scavenger Hunt

Fall 2017 Session A (first 5 weeks):
Tea Party Around the World
Exploring Space
Art Trading Cards
Build Your Own Tiny House/Architectural Drawing
Who Dunnit?
YoYo Tricks
Shake it off!
Crazy Kid Concoctions
Paper Airplanes
Stop Motion Flicks
Eurogame Buzz – Quick under an hour games
Entrepreneur Holiday Fair
Parkour Ninjas

Fall 2017 Session B (second 5 weeks):
Let’s Make Music
Fashion Illustration
Advanced Art Techniques
Junk Box Creations
Programming with Raspberry Pi
History of Swords
Pretend Play Fun
Lego Robotics
Court Games
Cardboard Wars
Custom Dungeon Adventure
Anime Drawing

Spring 2017 Session A (first 5 weeks):
Farm Friends
Color Explosion
Math Games
Intro to ASL
Outside Field Games
Escape from the Conference Room
Introduction to Psychology
Preschool Spanish
Alphabet Games
All About Pets
Sew Much Fun
Junk Box Wars
Entrepreneur Fair
Eurogaming: Cooperation Strategy
Puppet Show Theater
Can I Do Your Make-up?
ACC Study Hall

Spring 2017 Session B (second 5 weeks):
Storybook Make Believe
More and More Art Trading Cards
Mannequin Challenge
Writing Club
Let’s Investigate
Improv in Action
Propaganda Patrol
Co-op Olympics
Playground Games
Heroes to the Rescue
Be Artsy!
STEM Challenge
Pool Games
Ukulele Jam
MAD Libs Improv
Eurogaming: All Strategy All the Time
Ultimate Frisbee

Fall 2016 Session A (first 5 weeks):
Stacking Cups
Needle Felting
Game Show Challenges
Makey Makey Fun
Scavenger Hunting
Story Time
Minute to Win It
Eat Your Colors
Personal Finance
Art Games
Crazy for Crafts
Up Close Critters
Utopias and Dystopias

Fall 2016 Session B (second 5 weeks):
Lego Club
Brain Games
Rubik’s Cube
NY Times & Controversy
Kawaii Crafts
Little Chefs
Pool Games
Exploring Fall
Calling All Super Heroes
SciFi Class
Art Trading Cards
Build Like a Roman

Spring 2016 Session A (first 5 weeks):
Teen Club
Build a Robot
Stop Motion Animation
Doggie Fashion Designer
Clay Fun
Yoga & Meditation
Outdoor Games
Food Cultures Around the World
How to Train Your Dragon
Make Your Own Play
Science Experiments You Can Eat
Sports Sampler

Spring 2016 Session B (second 5 weeks):
Japanese Culture
Fairy Tales Around the World
Arduino Basics
Magic the Gathering
Hogwarts 3
Jewelry Making
Film Class
Make Your Own Play
Decorated Treats
Fun with the Four Season