Daily Schedule

A typical co-op day is as follows:

12:00-1:00 Picnic lunch and playground time
1:10-2:00 First class period
2:10-3:00 Second class period
3:10-4:00 Kids released to parents for outdoor or gym play

We meet thirteen times per semester including one schedule creation meeting, one planning & kick-off party at the beginning of the semester, followed by ten weeks of classes, and finished off with one demo day at the end of each semester. Typically our Fall Semester starts at the end of August and ends before Thanksgiving.  Spring Semester starts at the end of January and goes through the first week of May.  The schedule does change slightly year to year, but this is a fairly consistent time frame.

We also have a meeting late May and early January as well as other social meetings at times.  These meetings give us the opportunity to welcome new members, build community, and facilitate the selection of classes for the next semester.  Please refer to the current calendar for important dates.